We welcome your contribution to the LIVE, WORK, PLAY: OUR FUTURE PLA NSW/ACT Conference by submitting an abstract for the conference program. 


The PLA NSW/ACT 2022 conference will be held in the Northern Rivers town of Lismore; tucked away in the hills of northern NSW.  The area is renowned for its world heritage national parks, alternative living, extraordinary artists and gourmet produce.
Our 2022 theme, Live, work, play: our future will explore how our people behind the places have transformed how they live, work and play in their everyday worlds; environmentally, economically and socially.  How has the need to re-think things changed what you do and/or how you do it?
Our conference will focus on sharing ideas, discussions and experiences and be suitable for everyone from operational staff to managers & elected representatives.
Our conference theme is supported by a framework of three conference streams that scaffold the conference program including plenary and concurrent sessions, workshops, masterclasses and technical site tours.


This stream will explore innovative ways our industry has been dealing with both urban and natural areas.  How have you adapted, diversified, and become more flexible in your planning, development & management of places and green spaces Has the Olympics embracing new sports liking sport climbing, skateboarding, BMX and surfing meant changes to facility planning? 


This stream will explore innovation in sport and event delivery, activating spaces, tourism, and the growing focus on inclusion.  Tell us how First Nations knowledge and culture is being incorporated across the sector and what is happening to build inclusion and diversity in your communities.  How can we make our spaces safe and welcoming to everyone? How has the pandemic changed the way we activate places and deliver sport? How is the increased demand for active recreation being met? 


Tell us about the new technology you are using to communicate to your community and customers; how you are now able to collect meaningful data before and after upgrades and interventions.  What innovative technology are you developing or using to reduce costs, increase service levels and enable a more inclusive customer focus?  Or tell us how / what tools you are using to evaluate the social, ecological, economic, and changing governance structures that are part of our new normal - due to climate change, pandemics, and the need to provide cost benefit analysis for funding. 
You are welcome to submit more than one Abstract. Although many presentations use PowerPoint, its use is not a prerequisite. We encourage presenters to use other media such as film, photos etc.

Presentations will be delivered in a variety of formats and timings. Please advise this in your submission details.


The Conference Organising Committee strongly encourages abstracts with either:

  • A regional, interstate, or international context 
  • Interactive sessions which incorporate substantial delegate interaction (e.g. workshop, masterclass, workshops) that promote networking; and/or
  • A focus on any topical and relevant elements such as climate change adaptation, responding to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, and/or state-of-the-art facilities to support major events such as the 2032 Olympics or meet some challenges of population growth.
The invitation to submit an abstract does not constitute automatic approval, or an offer to pay travel, accommodation or registration costs associated with the conference.
Speakers will need to register to attend the conference at their own cost.
Abstracts open: Monday 8th November
Abstracts close: Friday 17th December
Speakers notified: January 2022
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