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IHI Fellowship Program, Class of 2022–2023
Application Information 

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate how their Fellowship training and projects align with their organization’s strategic priorities. Letters of support should clearly articulate commitment to the applicant and the contribution of the applicant’s training and proposed project to the organization’s strategic goals.  

Ideal candidates will have strong foundational knowledge and experience in quality and safety. They will have a clear desire to lead quality/safety/improvement efforts and be able to clearly describe how their training and project will contribute to the strategic goals of their organization. 

Who are IHI Fellows? 

The IHI Fellows are a diverse group of motivated health care leaders working in patient safety, quality, performance improvement, and risk management. They include senior executives, physicians, medical directors, nurse executives and managers, patient safety officers, quality officers, risk managers and pharmacy leaders, association leaders and other health care professionals. 

IHI Fellows exhibit: 

  • Vision, passion and capability to improve health and health care for all people in their organizations and the wider community 

  • Insight, courage and evidence of a commitment to lifelong growth and development 

  • Capacity and willingness to learn in collaboration with other health care professionals and leaders through action, reflection, feedback and support 

  • Commitment (from the employing organization and individual) for the Fellow’s continuing employment and active engagement in the IHI Fellowship throughout the 14-month experience, as well as financial support for tuition 

Selection Criteria 

  • Prior training and experience and/or demonstrated interest in developing and implementing quality improvement and/or patient safety initiatives 

  • A draft of a project proposal designed to have strategic, high-level impact at the applicant’s home organization with demonstrated senior leadership support (project sponsor) 

  • References from two peers or supervisors with personal knowledge of an applicant’s leadership abilities and knowledge of the applicants grasp of the fundamentals of quality improvement, patient safety, and improvement/implementation science 

  • Letter of support from the project sponsor, which authorizes release time for the IHI Fellowship, provides support for tuition, and demonstrates commitment to the applicant’s career development and strategic project plan 

  • An organizational and personal commitment to workforce and patient equity 

Time Commitment 

Participants must invest the time and energy needed to complete all aspects of the IHI Fellowship program, including implementing and completing a strategic project, attending all required meetings, submitting progress reports to IHI and project sponsor, and participating during scheduled webinars and teleconferences. Up to 20 percent annual release time is recommended from the IHI Fellow’s employer to satisfy the program requirements. 

Strategic Impact Project 

Each IHI fellow will be asked to identify and provide a preliminary design for a strategic impact project (SIP), that he or she will develop and implement over the course of their Fellowship year and beyond. The SIP should align with the strategic quality improvement and/or patient safety goals of the fellow’s organization and have the demonstrable support of a project sponsor from the organization’s leadership team who will monitor and facilitate completion of the project. A clearly defined SIP with appropriate leadership support and visibility ensures that Fellows can translate their experiential learning into action within their own organizations. Candidates who are applying for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Scholarship must be pursuing a Strategic Impact Project related to Diagnostic Excellence.

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation will award TWO scholarships to IHI Fellowship Program applicants.

These scholarships are intended for applicants from a range of disciplines who have a demonstrated commitment to diagnostic excellence and, through the application process, also demonstrate that they will meaningfully benefit from this intensive quality, safety, and improvement experience. Individual applicants pursing a Strategic Impact Project in Diagnostic Excellence are eligible to apply.


If you are applying for a Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation scholarship and are pursuing a Strategic Impact Project in Diagnostic Excellence, please specify your interest in the cover letter that accompanies your application. 

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Scholarship Criteria

  • Candidate will have strong foundation knowledge and experience in quality, safety, and quality improvement capability. 
  • Specific focus in pursuing a Strategic Impact Project in diagnostic excellence



Applicants should ensure they have funding in place prior to applying. 

Tuition will be invoiced once IHI Fellows are notified of their acceptance into the program and is due upon receipt. 

Tuition rate is $22,000 per IHI fellow and may be funded organizationally or individually. 

There are a limited number of partial, need-based scholarships available annually. The process for applying for scholarships is included in the program application. 


Tuition covers: 

  • Access to key modules from the IHI Open School  

  • Access to the CPPS online review course and credentialing exam 

  • Two, four-day virtual retreats (February and June 2023) 

  • Bi-weekly live virtual meetings 

  • Bi-weekly self-paced online learning modules 

  • Strategic project scoping and individualized mentoring 

  • Access to the IHI Fellowship learning community, affinity groups, and faculty 

  • Access to the IHI Fellowship alumni community 

Submission Deadline 

August  26, 2022 

Phone or video Skype interviews will be conducted in mid September. 

Admissions decisions will be communicated to all applicants on or before  

September 30, 2022