Call for Proposals
2022 Fall Leadership Summit
Together We Rise: Shaping Education for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond 

Consider sharing your expertise and insight through a one-hour Education Session. Proposal submissions are due by Friday, June 17, 2022. All proposals will be vetted by our Conference Committee members. Notification of Acceptance will be sent in August 2022.

Online Instructions:

  • To submit a proposal, you must create a login by selecting "New User" and completing a profile.

  • Once your profile is completed, select "Submissions" from the top of the page on the header bar.

  • Select "add new" and complete the submission form.

We encourage adding headshot images and biographies for each presenter. If your proposal is accepted, all information will be transferred to the Fall Leadership Summit app.
Strategic Partners (companies) may also participate and must have selected this option as a part of their 2022-2023 contracted benefits. If your company did not select this option and your proposal is selected for inclusion, your contract will need to be amended. If you have questions regarding your contract, please contact Deidre Hungerford, Associate Director for Business Development, at

If you have questions about the proposal process, site access, or your submission, please contact Heather Rapp, Administrative Assistant, The Council, at or 518.694.4872.

Summit Strands

Please submit a proposal focused on one of these six content areas:

  • Strand 1: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity:  Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

  • Strand 2: Supporting Social and Emotional Health:  Students, Staff, Self and Families

  • Strand 3: Aspirational Leadership:  Adaptable, Flexible and Resilient

  • Strand 4: Crafting Opportunities:  Shifting System Models Post COVID

  • Strand 5: Relationship Building:  Supporting Aspiring, New, Early Career and Veteran Education Leaders