Welcome to the 2020 Annual Institute Session Submission Portal

We look forward to receiving your Annual Institute session details. In order to submit your proposal, please complete the process below.

Our theme for the 2020 Annual Institute is EMPOWER. Please consider all different target audiences and the Learning and Development Framework when developing your session content.

  • Step 1: Review the AISAP Learning and Development Framework prior to submitting presentation details. 
    • Please do not select more than two competencies and one professional behavior that will best represent your session.
  • Step 2: Create a profile by clicking “New User? Click Here” below.
    • This profile allows access to the submission and identifies the main point of contact.  
    • This profile allows you to log in, make edits and adjustments to the submission details during the submission period.
    • This profile is NOT connected to your AISAP membership profile.
    • ​​​​​​​Step 3: Submit your session description and other session details.
      • Once you have created a new profile, look to the top menu bar for the Submission Tab.
      • Click the ADD NEW link to get started.
      • In the Submission Tab, enter all details about your session and co-presenter(s).
      • If you cannot finish the submission during one visit, there is an option to Save and Continue.
      • Once you are ready to fully submit the session details, click Save & Submit.
      • If you want to submit more than one session topic, click Add New.​​​​​​​
      • ​​​​​​​Step 4: Your submission will be reviewed by our program committee and then we will follow up with you on the status of your submission in early spring 2020. ​​​​​​​
        • Step 5:  ​​​​​​​Have your presenter’s bios and headshots ready to upload.
          • There can be multiple presenters per session.  However, only the lead presenter/point person will receive the faculty rate discount.​​​​​​​
          • The purpose for the headshot and bios is for future marketing of the agenda details.​​​​​​​

          If you have any questions during the submission process, please contact Stephanie Orr, Director of Events at stephanie@aisap.org or 203-421-7051 x108. If you need ideas or guidance with the content of your session proposal, please contact Debby Murphy, Director of Education and Learning at debby@aisap.org.

          If you would like to serve on the 2020 Annual Institute program planning committee, please contact Stephanie Orr at stephanie@aisap.org.