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Start12/02/2023 9:00 am
End12/02/2023 5:00 pm
LocationUnited States
23-ASMA-F2-1130 Jeffersonville IN

Instructor-Led ASM Basic 100 series class. Lead Instructors: Helene Villemure, NREMT. Location: Karl Truman Law Office. Hosted by: Karl Truman Law and Chrome Divas. This class is open to the general public and available to anyone to take. This class is only $35 (Normally $100) due to the generous sponsorship of Karl Truman Law. Cost includes all course materials, a patch, a certificate and lunch! Road Guardians Member discount of $5 will be available. 6.0 Continuing Education Credits available to EMS. For more information or help with registration, please contact or call 262-706-3278.

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Start12/09/2023 9:00 am
End12/09/2023 5:00 pm
LocationUnited States
IL 23-100-11 Pasadena, TX

Instructor Led ASM Basic 100 series class. Lead Instructors: Gregg Griffin, Paramedic. This class is open to the general public and available for anyone to take. Location: Jacinto Harley Davidson. Class limit: 20. Cost: $35 per student (Normally $100) due to the generous sponsorship of Wyly-Cook Law Firm. Includes all class materials including a book, patch and a certificate. Lunch will be provided by Wyly-Cook. Road Guardians Member discount is available. For more information, please contact or 262-706-3278.

Start12/16/2023 9:00 am
End12/16/2023 4:30 pm
LocationUnited States
IT-IL 23-300-24 Glendale, AZ

IT - Instructor-Led ASM Advanced 300 series class. Instructors: Teresa "Trauma Mama" Martinez, RN & Ben Martinez. This class is OPEN to the general public. Pre-requisite: Must have completed basic class within the last 2 calendar years [2022 or 2023] Location: Arrowhead Hospital Professional Building, 3rd floor, Sierra Room. The normal cost for this class is $100/student, includes all course materials. Lunch is provided and sponsored by The Husband and Wife Law Team. There is a $50 AMSAF discount available to any Arizona resident attending this class. In order to receive your AMSAF discount, you must first go to: to purchase your ticket for $50. You will then return to to register and use the coupon code AMSAF which will allow you to proceed registering for free. During your registration you will be required to add your unique code (ASM-####) that can be found at the bottom of the AMSAF email in red. If you do not have this code you will be charged $100. AMSAF recipients MUST bring their AMSAF email with their code to the class. Class limit, 20 students.

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Start12/31/2023 11:30 pm
End12/31/2023 11:45 pm
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