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Start10/02/2021 4:30 pm
End01/29/2022 1:00 pm
Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP) - Cohorte 1 (ESPAÑOL)
Start10/14/2021 4:30 pm
End10/16/2021 1:00 pm
Prácticas Preventivas de Salud y Seguridad, Oct. 2021 (en Zoom)
Prácticas Preventivas de Salud y Seguridad, Oct. 2021 (ESPAÑOL)

Esta sesión proporcionará la capacitación de ocho horas en prácticas preventivas de salud y seguridad aprobada por EMSA (con información sobre nutrición y prevención del envenenamiento por plomo) requeri...

Start10/19/2021 9:00 am
End10/19/2021 10:30 am
When They Don't Show Up: Dealing with School Avoidance

There has been a steady increase in the number of students who are refusing to attend school. Chronic absenteeism and frequent tardies are significant problems that not only plague schools, but families as well. This training will help provide information on how to identify the reason(s) behind t...

Start10/26/2021 5:00 pm
End10/26/2021 8:30 pm
TIC Module 1: How Trauma Impacts Brain Dev. (English) Virtual

This module defines Trauma Informed Care and provides an overview of the impacts of trauma on children’s brain development in the early years, how trauma impacts the sensory system, and how the stress response system activates when experiencing a trauma trigger.

    Start10/28/2021 5:00 pm
    End10/28/2021 8:30 pm
    TIC Module 2: Identifying & Responding to Childhood Trauma (English) - Virtual

    This module explores how trauma can manifest in the classroom setting, strategies to help childcare providers respond using a “trauma informed care lens,” and how to apply this lens in the context of challenging behaviors.

    • Training wil...