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Start10/02/2021 4:30 pm
End01/29/2022 1:00 pm
Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP) - Cohorte 1 (ESPAÑOL)
Start12/01/2021 9:00 am
End12/01/2021 10:30 am
Phonemic Awareness – Overview, Interventions and Strategies

At this point most educators have heard that phonemic awareness is important for students’ literacy learning. But what exactly is it? How is it related to reading and writing? How do I know if my students have it? How do I teach it if they don’t? This seminar will take a deep dive into phonem...

Start12/01/2021 5:30 pm
End12/01/2021 7:00 pm
Parent Cafe: Building Brains Through Relationships and Experiences

The Santa Clara County Childcare Resource and Referral (R&R) Program will be hosting a Growing Brain Virtual Café for families. This Café will provide families an opportunity to talk with other families about how strong, positive relationships help children develop, trust, empathy,...

Start12/02/2021 6:00 pm
End12/02/2021 8:00 pm
Prácticas Empresariales - Finanzas Empresariales (Español) Virtual
Prácticas Empresariales - Finanzas Empresariales (Español)

El programa de R&R del condado de Santa Clara en asociación con el Children’s Council of San Francisco está ofreciendo capacitación en finanzas empresariales para proveedores de cuidado infantil.

¿Podría estimar con ...

Start12/06/2021 9:00 am
End12/08/2021 12:30 pm
Facilitated IEP Stakeholder Training

This training will provide an overview of the facilitation process and will help IEP stakeholders to be collaborative team members in a facilitated IEP meeting. Participants will learn how to clearly define their role in the IEP meeting, enabling them to prepare for active meeting participation...

Start12/08/2021 9:00 am
End12/08/2021 10:30 am
Planning and Implementing an Effective Reading Intervention

How do we plan effective reading intervention programs for our students who continue to struggle with reading? Learn how to use screening and formal assessment data to develop a student profile that will guide your decisions as you design that student’s educational program.


Start12/09/2021 4:30 pm
End12/11/2021 1:00 pm
Prácticas Preventivas de Salud y Seguridad, Diciembre 2021 (en Zoom)
Prácticas Preventivas de Salud y Seguridad, Oct. 2021 (ESPAÑOL)

Esta sesión proporcionará la capacitación de ocho horas en prácticas preventivas de salud y seguridad aprobada por EMSA (con información sobre nutrición y prevención del envenenamiento por plomo) requeri...