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Start04/01/2022 9:00 am
End05/04/2022 10:30 am
How to Design a Day of Effective Instruction for Students with Significant Learning Needs (2-part Training)

The design and implementation of instruction is the primary role of an effective teacher, who can impact student learning and success in the classroom. However, designing instruction that is effective and relevant for all students, when student ability and academic skills can vary widely can be d...

Start05/12/2022 9:00 am
End05/13/2022 10:30 am
Social Communication and the SLP (2-part training)

George is having a hard time making friends. In conversations, he sometimes interrupts or changes the topic abruptly. He doesn’t pick up on nonverbal cues and often misinterprets his classmates’ intentions or feelings. In the classroom, he struggles to follow the rules. He always seems to be ...